CC Statement Terms and Conditions


References to "Cash Converters" in this document, mean Cash Converters International Limited and all its subsidiaries and controlled entities (such as Cash Converters Pty Ltd and Cash Converters Personal Finance Pty Ltd) and any entity trading under the Cash Converters brand in Australia, or any one of these depending on the context. Each Cash Converters subsidiary or controlled entity may perform a different role with respect to your loan. For example, one company may act as broker and one may act as lender and this consent is intended to cover the role of each company. References to the singular ("I" or "me" for example) include the plural ("We" or "us" for example).

Cash Converters is required by law to collect 90 days of account statements from all loan applicants and Centrelink benefit information from customers receiving benefits

  • Under section 117(1A) of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 we are
    required to collect and assess your account statements covering at least the immediately preceding
    90 days.
  • Under section 133(C) of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and ASIC
    Regulatory Guide RG209.64 we are required to collect and assess the amount of your income
    coming from Centrelink.
  • We collect, verify and assess this information as part of our reasonable enquiries to
    ensure that we are lending to you responsibly.

The benefits and security of CC Statement

  • CC Statement is a software system that allows us to quickly access and collect the
    required account statements from multiple financial or government institutions on your
    behalf as your agent, without the need for you to gather paper statements.
  • The account and personal information used to verify the 90 days of bank statements is
    encrypted during transmission to the financial institutions you specify or any third party.
  • The account and personal information you provide us via CC Statement is only used once by us for
    that particular transaction to provide the CC Statement service and all data is destroyed as soon as reasonably possible after the transaction is complete (some subsequent refreshing of the data may
    occur for a period of up to 90 days but this is not accessed or used by Cash Converters).

Privacy Consent for us to collect, use and disclose sensitive and personal information

I authorise Cash Converters as my agent, to collect, use and disclose my sensitive and personal information including Centrelink or bank information or login details to Centrelink or the relevant third party financial institutions I specify and to third party suppliers who Cash Converters uses to enable it to provide the CC Statement service to me.

I understand that without this information Cash Converters may not be able to provide the CC Statement service or consider or approve my application(s).

Disclaimer of warranties and customer assumption of CC Statement risk

I acknowledge and agree:

  • that my use of the CC Statement service is completely at my own risk;
  • that the information I provide will be true, accurate, current and complete;
  • that Cash Converters or its third party suppliers are licensed to use any data, passwords, materials
    or other content I provide so as to provide the CC Statement service to me;
  • that Cash Converters is not responsible for any damage to my computer system, loss of data, or
    other damage to my data or equipment;
  • that Cash Converters expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind related to the CC Statement
    service, including as to its availability, quality, speed, accuracy of results, or suitability for me; and
  • that I hold Cash Converters harmless from all claims related to my use of the CC Statement service.

CC Statement online forms, storage and delivery of information

I understand that if I decide to complete the online CC Statement application form, Cash Converters will collect the information that I enter into the online form and the IP address of my computer. If I cancel my application prior to submission, the information I have entered up to that point will be deleted automatically as soon as reasonably practicable after it is no longer required by the CC Statement software system. For example, it may be in transit or stored, in system caches, memory or other IT related equipment or databases, for a time prior to deletion.

I understand that Cash Converters may use third party platforms to deliver CC Statement information. These are sites hosted and managed by organisations other than Cash Converters. Before deciding if I want to contribute information to any third party site I should read their privacy policy.

I understand that Cash Converters may store CC Statement information collected from me at secure third party internet based hosting locations in Singapore, Ireland or Hong Kong. These third party providers store the data securely using systems and processes which are equivalent to those required under the Australian Privacy Principles, so that Cash Converters can update, use or disclose the information remotely.

Declaration and consent

I declare that the information about me/us set out above is true and correct;
I acknowledge that Cash Converters will rely on this information in providing the CC Statement service and considering my application for credit;
I declare that I have read Cash Converters Privacy Policy which can be found at; and
I understand, authorise and consent to all the terms and conditions set out within this document.