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We’ll pay you to recycle.
At Cash Converters, we’ll pay you to recycle your quality goods. Bring in the things you no longer need with 100 points of ID and we’ll give you cash in return. Just another way we’re helping people get on with life.

Want to get the best price for your sale items? 

At Cash Converters, we always want to give you the fairest price possible. To do this, we work out what price your item will reasonably sell for in our store, then take away a percentage we need to make to stay in business. We then arrive at the price we offer you.

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What we look for when we're buying an item:

Age: How old is it? Have you already used much of the value?

Condition: Is it fully working? Is it scratched, dirty or damaged?

Appeal: Is it an item in demand? Is it the current model?

Value: Can we easily sell it? Based on these factors, we offer you a fair price.